How To Keep Your Motivation Up When You Don't See The Results You Want

One of our members asked a question about motivation and a lack of confidence in actually hitting goals. He was working and putting in action but not seeing the results he wanted to see. He asked our community how some of us tackle this. 

An interesting idea came up called Root Days VS. Surface Days. A quick mental re-frame that puts work, progress, and the process of success into a positive framework and allows you to continue to trek forward with a lot of motivation.  

Channel Your Inner Animal & Optimize Your Life For True "Happiness"

When it comes to modern day happiness, a lot of people are struggling internally. They seem to have everything, money, a beautiful companion, a nice home, luxury cars any yet they are still unfulfilled inside. They are on the path that they are "supposed" to be on but at the same time, they feel like that isn't their true path at all. Why is this? 

In order to get these answers, you need to look at yourself. Not who you are right now, but deeper. You need to look at what you are. When you break it all down, it comes down to one simple principle .You are an animal.