Featured Member: Vasilis Stefanou From The Life Upgrades

Hi Vasilis, Can you give us a little background about yourself?

Hi, my name is Vasilis Stefanou. I’m an Author, Men's Coach and the Founder/CEO of www.thelifeupgrades.com.  From a young age I had communication problems because I was a shy person who wouldn't talk to anyone. Therefore even though I had some relationships and great memories still they were not that amazing in the end. I was always the skinny type of a guy with mediocre level of athleticism and I wasn't really trying out a lot of activities. My shyness played a big role in this matter too. Moreover I never liked the school system, books and I even dropped out of university with no idea what I was going to do with my life. The only things that were wonderful in my life were my family and friends who I'm grateful for. 

One day I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life. I started working out and having a healthier lifestyle. I got involved in different courses or any event like seminars or workshops to have different experiences. I started improving my people's skills by actually talking to people and tried out variety of jobs to acquire multiple skills and knowledge. After a few years I received my Personal Training Diploma, Image Consultant Certificate, some Body Language Certificates, plenty of other credentials and worked in different industries. While working at the different jobs I had along the way I was also personal training people and consulting others on style or similar matters.

Two and a half years ago I created my website where I post articles, photos and videos about stuff which helped me become a better version of me to help people improve their lives in any aspect of them. Also I help men dress, think and act better.

What made you want to join Menprovement Chat?

Since the day I started reading about the subjects which I have found interesting and I got involved in anything related to self-development I was also looking for different kind of communities in order to learn from others as much as possible and create new meaningful relationships. One of the niches I was searching the most was communities who strive on creating better men. In my research I have found plenty but after a while I left from most of them for different personal reasons. At some point I came across the Menprovement website and then chat.

I’m more than happy to say that I’m glad I have found them. This community made me stay because of how men are getting involved and help each other grow in all areas by everyone giving so much value to each other whether they are improving from the inside or the outside.

How has it been so far for you?

As I said earlier everyone is so helpful and no matter what I am looking for to improve I always receive more than 1 great advice with different perspective. All of the guys are so willing to help me out, both the hosts and the rest of the members. While they give advice they are always by my side whether I’m sad because of an event or happy because of an achievement. They help me fight and go through any of the issues  I’m facing or they keep uplifting me with good vibes. Of course this group is not only there for me just for my sad or happy moments. When I have a specific goal to reach everyone provides me with resources to check out, they tell me their related experience for more information and in the end they make me push myself until the end goal.

What actions and results have you seen so far from joining this community?

There are plenty of communities out there but not many have the drive of these people to assist each other to grow together. Every morning I get online because I need that positivity from other like-minded people to make me think that I’m not the only one striving to create something great each day. I join everyone for a few minutes to talk about our new projects or workouts or any other matter we are trying to improve. We exchange ideas, what worked and what not, we provide the resources we have found helpful and I’m more than ready to start my day with a positive mindset. 

Since the day I joined the community I have finished and published my first E-book, started creating videos for men on a new Facebook page, have more ideas for brainstorming on any subject, more communication tips and the best of all is that I have built relationships with some amazing people who I consider them as good friends now.

What do you think makes this community different from others?

Even though we are all from different backgrounds and cultures we have created a group of people who they say their opinion in a way that one opinion builds upon another making it even more valuable to others. We have some experts and coaches who are really hard to find and now we have them here with us giving free advice even on a personal level. Whether you are looking for health & fitness, style, spirituality, dating or just motivation you are at the right place.

Moreover it’s the first men’s group I have found that women also give their advice on a daily basis with their point of view and not by being biases from their gender.

What is next for you?

I’m definitely staying in this group especially now that we are keep growing and having more interesting people joining our community. As for my projects I will continue creating content both for my website and for my personal Facebook page which is where I post the content for men. I will also try my best to motivate and give my take to as many people as I can in this group to serve as much as possible while I'm receiving a lot of value from everyone. Thank you for your support and for letting me be a part of this community in the first place.