How To Keep Your Motivation Up When You Don't See The Results You Want

One of our members asked a question about motivation and a lack of confidence in actually hitting goals. He was working and putting in action but not seeing the results he wanted to see. He asked our community how some of us tackle this. 

An interesting idea came up called Root Days VS. Surface Days. A quick mental re-frame that puts work, progress, and the process of success into a positive framework and allows you to continue to trek forward with a lot of motivation.  

What are Root Days? 

You may define these as bad days, or tough days, maybe even a shitty day. These are days where things don't seem to be working out in your favour. Things happen to either halt your progress, or just a patch of time where no progress is realized. These are the days where lack of motivation is sparked. "I am doing all of this work and yet have nothing to show for it, is there even a point" is probably something you are saying inside your mind. 

The thing is, these are the most important days. As long as your action is there and you are working hard and smart, things are happening, just not visually. They are happening behind the scenes, they are happening underground. The roots are growing, they just haven't sprouted yet. 

When you hit a patch of rough days where nothing seems to be happening, just remember, as long as you keep working, the roots are growing and one day, they will manifest into a Surface Day. 

Surface Days

Naturally, there are days where things seem to be progressing. You get more paying customers, you lifted more at the gym, you seem to be having better and more meaningful dates and encounters. Things are working.  This is a surface day. All the work from the root days has now manifested into a beautiful patch of visual progress and it feels incredible. Just remember though, this is just a surface day, tomorrow could be a root day again, so accept it, appreciate it, and just realize that it won't last. 

With continual work and action, you will start to have more powerful surface days, and less powerful root days as your life will begin to  shape and reflect your goal. 

So next time you are feeling down about the lack of progress, just remember, it's just a root day, meaning that a surface day is probably just around the corner. 

Keep hustling. 

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