Step By Step: Getting Set Up With Menprovement Chat

Congratulations! You just made an amazing decision to join an up and coming community of expert coaches and self improving men. 

Here is a step-by-step process of how to get quickly set up and comfortable with using our group chat platform. 


Upon going through the checkout process you will be forwarded to an email input page. This page will automatically sent you an invite to our community to your email. This is what the email opt in page looks like after you complete the checkout: 


You will  then be sent an invite to join the community in your inbox. Here is a sceencap of what it will look like. 


Open this email and click on the JOIN NOW button. You'll be directed to this page. You can choose to keep your name anonymous by picking something random, or you can choose your real name if you don't care. You can then pick a password. 


You will then be given a quick tutorial from an automated bot on how Slack works. Be sure to follow these steps to get a basic understanding of how it works. You will then be directed to the community.


At this point, you will only be joined into the "#general" channel. Click on channels to browse all the other topics we have! 

6. Mobile App Download***

The next step for you is to download the mobile app to use it from anywhere. A few ways you can do this.

a) Go to on your mobile phone to get redirected to your app store. 

b) Go to your dedicated app store and search Slack. 

c) Go to and click member log-in, sign in and it will redirect you to the app store. 


Download and Install the Slack app. 


Open the app and click on sign-in. The page should look similar to this: 


OR click member log-in from the main website. The link to our chat is


Use your sign-in credentials to log into the community from your phone! You are now in and it should look like this (colours may vary as that is cuztomized for each member).