How is this different from Facebook groups/reddit communities/forums and other existing community type platforms? 

First of all, it is real-time. It is literally a group chat which makes it extremely easy to share, communicate and follow ideas. Different topics will be organized allowing for focused discussion. If you want feedback and coaching on your Tinder skills, you can simply chat in that topic and no other. It also allows for more natural conversations with authentic back and forth exchanges. There is also a level of anonymity so you can freely ask any question without your Facebook name and picture being seen. You can also have a quick call with these coaches when you need help. Slack has built in voice calling and video calling.

How Does It Work?

We are using a chat based communication tool called Slack. It allows for large numbers of people to seamlessly communicate through a group chat and yet be organized so it doesn't flood with messages. Slack is a easy platform to use, it can be used as a browser link on your laptop or desktop and can also be accessed via mobile and/or tablet app. 

Why Is There A Membership Cost?

The power of coaching is well known. Real life coaching can easily cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. For the small price of under $10/month you will have access to not one, not two, but several world class dating coaches with diverse skill sets. This brings immeasurable value to our members. With immediate and direct reach to the coaches, you will literally have access to multiple coaches in your pocket at any time. Also the responses and answers will be catered to you and your personal questions and situations. Learning is customized and this will be customized to you.

Who is it for?

The goal of the community is to empower men to be better with women while being your best, most authentic self. Period. Whether you are looking for a relationship, looking to just increase your flirting skills, get more dates, or just meet more women, there will be something for everyone and their own unique problems and issues. The only prerequisite is the drive and desire to improve. If you even have a tiny inkling of wanting to improve, then you really should join. It's not a course, a video, podcast or a book that you will consume and hope that it solves your problems. It is a true tool and community of men and dating coaches helping YOU and YOUR journey in the most interactive way. This is NOT a typical "become a pick up artist" resource, our goal is to empower YOU to be YOUR best self and ultimately allowing you to be YOUR most attractive self.