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If one of these sounds like you, keep reading...

You want growth & development to be the best version of yourself

You feel stuck in your current
situation, plateaued, or
feel like you are in a rut

You need accountability, mentorship & a community of like-minded individuals

3 reasons you currently will never be your best self...


You are probably reading multiple articles, watching super long videos, listening to podcasts while you drive, and reading the best books for development. The issue? It is a lot of information that is not personal to you, sometimes conflicting, and hard to apply in real-life. Also, now days everyone can write an article or even an e-book. Which source truly is credible? This leads to frustration of things not improving and lack of growth.


Let me guess, you are on the path to development pretty much by yourself. You can't discuss this journey with your friends, or even family, or people at work. You have this sense of "I am alone on this journey to be my best self", and "Why don't these people care to improve?". This doesn't help you. You need social pressure you keep you focused, accountable and optimistic. You need real mentors helping you a long the journey, not only when you go and choose to consume information. You need an active tool ensuring you are following through. You cannot reach new levels alone. 


The biggest difference. Growth and development is slightly ego swallowing. Especially when it comes to hiring and looking for coaches and mentors. That means you consciously made the decision to say you "need help". For most people it is hard to do this process alone. It is probably the biggest hurdle people have in reaching new levels. The resistance to admit to the world that you want mentorship and coaching. 


An exclusive chat based community of men who want to become the most authentic, best & most attractive version of themselves.

The best way to grow and develop personally is to get feedback and tips when you need it by a community of like-minded people on the same journey as you. This keeps you accountable & focused. 

Reading articles, listening to podcasts, and watching videos are great for creating a basic understanding, but the real results happen by having a coach and a community of feedback right when you need it.

This is what we are building. A chat based platform where you can simply text and message a community of men and expert coaches to help you right when you need it, tailored to you. 


Instant Feedback

This is a real-time group chat. That means whenever you message in the group, we can instantly reply. Instant feedback is much more useful then trying to remember what that article you read last week reccomennded. 

Multiple Mentors


We have several different mentors in our chat with varying degrees of knowledge. This allows you to get feedback from different perspectives allowing you to uniquely determine with as much information to make the best decisions. 

Accessible Anywhere

100% mobile friendly and accessible on any device. Whether you are walking, at a bar, at home, waiting in line, you can access and participate in the chat. 

To You

Learning is a 2 way street. Rather than loading up on content that speaks at you, our chat allows you to actually discuss and dig deeper. This also keeps you accountable as the community will add the social pressure. 




Featured Members

Sam Ryter

Professional coach and speaker. Shows aspiring people how they can create better, deeper and more impactful relationships in their lives.

Dan (2).png

Dan Munro

Dan Munro is a Confidence Coach based out of Auckland, New Zealand. He created the Brojo men's mastermind group which is growing every day, and is the #1 bestselling author of The Legendary Life.

Nathan Hafichuk

Nathan is a Transformational Coach guiding people through feeling all of their emotions so they can reclaim their freedom. 

Vasilis Stefanou

A creator, coach and educator who helps people improve their way of life. He is the founder of The Life Upgrades website along its Mastermind Facebook group. You can find him giving advice and tips in our #empoweringmen & #style channels.

Patrick Anand

Patrick teaches men to express their desire towards women, and feel free to express themselves around people in general.

Divorced dad of three kids who enjoys giving out no BS relationship and life advice based on his short 40+ years of mistakes and wins. He routinely helps out men of all ages who are forced into hitting the restart button in life, and don't have a clue where to go first.

Andrius Saulis

Professional dating coach and educator who shows men how to deal with their insecurities and teaches them how to have consistently great dates that end up in a casual hookup or a serious relationship.

Stas Kulesh

Stas is an established entrepreneur who runs the digital agency and workshop, Sliday. Some of his clients include Facebook, Foursquare, and LEGO. He also won the best Russian blogger award in 2012! Lastly, he is the founder of Karmabot, a paid Slack bot.  


Vex (not real name) began his website while participating in the Menprovement Chat. Going through a tough time, he wants to showcase his live progression and journey of self improvement in order to inspire others & to exemplify that anything is possible. 

A Channel For Every Aspect To Improve



The dating game. The most exhilarating, yet the probably the most stress inducing for men. "Why can't I connect with women?", "Why is it so hard for them to see the good in me?". It shouldn't and does't have to be like this. It should be fun, exciting, and you should be going on many dates with many high quality women. The women that you desire. 

Our dating channel is filled with coaches and experts with a wide range of skills. From starting conversations, building attraction, building and showcasing emotional connection, how to have amazing dates. and how to handle any situation. 

Unlike videos, podcasts and articles, you will get customized and catered advice for you. Advice you can take and apply it to yourself and your personality. Everyone is different and requires different advice. 

If you are ready to solve your dating woes once and for all with a real-time and ongoing discussion with others, coaches, and mentors, then you should join in right now. 



Feel stuck in your career or just sick of working for someone else? Escape your cubicle one step at a time. Our quit 9-5 channel is focused exactly for this purpose. For any members interested in starting physical or digital businesses we discuss and chat about the best ways through experience, content, and real feedback. 

Some of our members include well known entrepreneurs, startup founders and others who currently own online businesses and can teach you how to get started, and how to succeed. 

It also a great place to network and collaborate with other business owners. Some members end up working together through cross promotion, interviews, and advertising. 

If you need a change join #quit9to5 and get some serious inspiration and motivation to change your work life for the better. 



There are sometimes little small secrets and actions that result into some serious results. They are called Life hacks. 

In this channel our members and coaches discuss and share different habits, actions, tools, and advice that truly lead to gigantic lifetime results. We also discuss them as we begin to utilize these new life hacks to ensure they work and how to make them work best. Life hacks could pertain to saving time, being more energetic, being more social, how to manage rough days, emotions, and how to keep organized. 

If you are truly into getting results and optimizing your life then this is a channel you need to be a part of now. 



Real screen-capped thoughts and testimonials from some of our members. 

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How is this different from Facebook groups/reddit communities/forums and other existing community type platforms? 

First of all, it is real-time. It is literally a group chat which makes it extremely easy to share, communicate and follow ideas. Different topics will be organized allowing for focused discussion.

If you want feedback and coaching on your Tinder skills, you can simply chat in that topic and no other. It also allows for more natural conversations with authentic back and forth exchanges. There is also a level of anonymity so you can freely ask any question without your Facebook name and picture being seen. You can also have a quick call with these coaches when you need help. Slack has built in voice calling and video calling.

It is also private. This means when you post a question or thought, it doesn't get publicized to the entire world like it does on Reddit. Our chat is only accessible to members and members only. Lastly, while their is anonymity, coaches will not be, this means you will actually know which credible person is providing insight to you,  and not someone who has zero experience in your problem. 


How Does It Work?

We are using a chat based communication tool called Slack. It allows for large numbers of people to seamlessly communicate through a group chat and yet be organized so it doesn't flood with messages. Slack is a easy platform to use, it can be used as a browser link on your laptop or desktop and can also be accessed via mobile and/or tablet app. 


Who Is It For?

The goal of the community is to empower men to be your best, most authentic self. Period. Whether you are looking for a relationship, looking to just increase your flirting skills, get more dates, get motivated, change habits, get fit, or get coaching on specific things you want to improve,  there will be something for everyone and their own unique problems and issues. The only prerequisite is the drive and desire to improve. If you even have a tiny inkling of wanting to improve, then you really should join. It's not a course, a video, podcast or a book that you will consume and hope that it solves your problems. It is a true tool and community of men and coaches helping YOU and YOUR journey in the most interactive way.