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Why is there a membership fee? 

Our mission is to create an extremely strong community of seriously motivated guys that provides all members true value. What defines a strong community? A strong membership. In order to ensure that the community is active, constructive, engaging, warm, diverse, and truly does care to learn and communicate with others we have a small monthly membership price. This vets members coming in by providing a small investment and proof that they care enough to join a community like this.. The proceeds from this membership also allows Menprovement to continue strategic growth such as partnerships with other brands, access to other tools, and guest chat AMA's with  influencers and globally renown experts. Also it allows us to add new tools, host the website, and compensate a bit of the time to manage the website. If you are ready to make big changes in your life, then this is the place for you. The value and information you will get in here is catered to you, and real-time. Something you won't be able to get anywhere else for free. If you have any concerns feel free to contact us.