This New Tool Will Accelerate Your Dating Skills by Providing Personal Feedback, Anywhere, Anytime. 


The dating game, it's your best friend, and yet, the worst enemy for so many men around the world. The amount of time men spend learning how to further optimize their dating skills is incredible. Just look at the number of dating courses, videos, books, seminars, webinars, podcasts, and coaches that currently exist. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these tools are beneficial, they can help men become more confident, natural, authentic, and real with their desires. However, most of these resources are considered "one way communication", that means, that they assume every single man needs the same advice, every single time.

How Do We Learn Best?

You watch a video, the video speaks at you, you take in this knowledge and try to apply it to yourself. You can't add any insight about your own personal situation, you cannot ask a question right there and then, the video cannot provide you a personal experience. The thing is though, learning is best when it is a two way street. When the student can ask the teacher questions right away, get tailored answers, and get direct feedback on their own progress and mistakes. This is why personal coaching is more expensive, because it works so much better! So, how can we take the experience of personal two way communication and make it digital? How can we empower men to be better in their own personal dating situations from anywhere, anytime? Is this even possible? 

Why Chat?

The answer is yes. The answer is utilizing the power of modern day communication tools and putting it to use for learning, sharing, feedback, community, and ultimately, growth. This is why we're building the ultimate community powered group chat of men looking to solve their dating skills once and for all. Our vision is to grow Menprovement Chat as the most authentic, constructive, and valuable dating tool a man can use.  

You may be asking why we are choosing a chat based platform to build this community. Well, there are a few reasons for this. First off, most of us spend more and more time using chat based applications than any other. Think about it, Tinder, Bumble, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, iMessage are likely the most used apps on anyone's phone. We have replaced phone calls with messages. Chat is real-time, convenient, mobile, light, and yes, it's fun. We love getting messages from people, it literally gives us a dopamine rush. So why not use this addiction for the good, why not utilize chat as a way to learn and grow? 

Why Community? 

Imagine having a question about a certain dating situation. Maybe you are not sure how to deal with a particular Tinder match. Maybe you are not sure if you should or should not kiss your date. Maybe you just need a kick in the butt to go talk to the cute girl smiling at you from across the coffee shop. Now imagine simply texting a community of inspired men and expert world class dating coaches for instant feedback and motivation directly catered to you. A true network of men working together, helping each other out, and manifesting results. All in real-time, all in your pocket, accessible any time. The best thing? You can continue conversing and diving deeper into opinions and advice. You can ask questions and clarify why that person gave that specific feedback. This conversation will allow you to learn better than any other resource. 

Who is it for?

The goal of the community is to empower men to be better with women while being your best, most authentic self. Period. Whether you are looking for a relationship, looking to just increase your flirting skills, get more dates, or just meet more women, there will be something for everyone and their own unique problems and issues. The only prerequisite is the drive and desire to improve. If you even have a tiny inkling of wanting to improve, then you really should join. It's not a course, a video, podcast or a book that you will consume and hope that it solves your problems. It is a true tool and community of men and dating coaches helping YOU and YOUR journey in the most interactive way. This is NOT a typical "become a pick up artist" resource, our goal is to empower YOU to be YOUR best self and ultimately allowing you to be YOUR most attractive self.